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Implementing DevOps is a challenge. But with our experts at your service, you will succeed.


Our support services make it possible to deploy updates and releases more quickly and frequently, making it simple for you to do so.


surge in productivity as Yoctra's support services automate repetitive tasks, optimize processes, and provide real-time insights


With the help of our DevOps support services, you can improve efficiency and speed up task completion.


Developers who have implemented DevOps claim to be able to release code faster.

Tools and Technologies We Use

Process automation, efficient changes, faster delivery, and improved reliability are enabled thanks to best practices and tools.

Cloud Providers

Amazon AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Any Private Cloud and other…

Containers & Orchestration

Docker, Compose, Kubernetes and other…


Jenkins, CitLab, GitHub, Teamcity, CircleCI, Travis CI and other…

Configuration management

Ansible, Chef, Puppet
and other...


Amazon AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Any Private Cloud and other…


Docker, Compose, Kubernetes and other…


Jenkins, CitLab, GitHub, Teamcity, CircleCI, Travis CI and other…

Infrastructure provisioning

Ansible, Chef, Puppet
and other...

Maximize the potential of your “Dev” and “Ops” teams with Yoctra’s Azure DevOps Services

DevOps Directions We Are Ready to Take Charge Of

CI/CD pipelines

DevOps Consulting and Services
Platform Engineering
CI/CD Services

DevOps cloud services

Infrastructure as Code
Cloud Infrastructure Design
Cloud Migration
Cloud Cost Optimization

Kubernetes management

Kubernetes Cluster Management
Container management
WordPress in Kubernetes


Backup and Disaster Recovery
Performance Optimization
Security Hardening
Configuration management
Technical support services

Main problems of software development companies

Slow-pace development

By automating the majority of deployment challenges, you can increase your teams' efficiency. We can increase the reliability of your deployments by implementing CI/CD practices, iterating at smaller scales, and selecting the deployment approach that best suits your application.

Cloud migration

Migration to the cloud can seem intimidating due to legacy projects, operational difficulties, and high expenses. That is not necessary! Our skilled cloud architects will advise you on the ideal platform for your project and assist your teams in moving to the new stack.


Debugging security may become challenging if it is implemented at the end of the development process. In order to fix a bug, organizations might need to go back in their development cycles, which is expensive and time-consuming. DevSecOps is a practice that integrates built-in security throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from beginning to end, to ensure early bug detection and save time.

Outdated technology stack

It is crucial to stay one step ahead of the competition by remaining technologically advanced. Reap the benefits of DevOps automation services, a faster development cycle, and seamless deployments using a state-of-the-art technology stack. Use the cutting-edge versions of tools and components and benefit from the latest features available.

Manage Devops Services

Driven by passion. Energized by commitment.

Our DevOps Managing Stages

Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs promptly and delivering services that stand out in the competitive landscape. These DevOps service delivery stages are meticulously crafted to foster continuous improvement.


This phase is crucial for assessing product value, setting requirements, tracking issues, and managing the project effectively.


During this stage, our focus shifts to software design and the creation of robust code structures.

Creation and testing

We use automated tools to manage software builds and versions, and rigorous testing protocols to ensure optimal code quality.

Implementation and operation

We manage production processes and provide ongoing software support.


We actively identify and gather information on any operational issues that may arise, ensuring swift resolution and continuous improvement.


DevOps Implementation Methodology

As a comprehensive DevOps service provider, we adopt a collaborative approach to tackle organizational challenges, ensuring our clients’ success through continuous planning, integration, and delivery.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

Why Choose Us For Software Architecture Consulting

01. Results-driven partnership
Our software development approach is results-driven. Since 2012, we’ve been producing custom software solutions that are structured and organized to ensure timely project delivery within your budget.
02. Solid domain expertise
We develop tailored business software solutions for various domains. Before starting any project, we conduct in-depth research into the market features to solidify our understanding.
03. Trusted by clients
Our clients recommend us as a top DevOps managed service provider. We value their feedback, which speaks to our reliability and expertise.
04. Transparent process

We keep you informed and involved throughout the project’s development. As our client, you will receive updates at every stage of the project.

05. Flexible team
Our engineering team is flexible. We understand that your business needs may change, and we are prepared to adjust our development team’s size to meet.

Engagement Models

To support your DevOps journey, Yoctra provides flexible engagement models tailored to your business requirements.

DevOps as a Service

Our service is highly versatile and can work on Dedicated, AWS, Azure, and GCP. We excel in DevOps platforms and tools, making us the perfect choice for infrastructure automation and CI/CD flows. We are committed to adapting to your needs and confident in our ability to help you achieve your goals.

DevOps Maintenance Plan

Let Yoctra take care of your environment’s ongoing maintenance with our expert advice and seamless handling of infrastructure automation and CI/CD configuration changes. Collaborate with our teams for a hassle-free experience, and focus on growing your business.