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Elevate your DevOps game with Yoctra’s comprehensive consulting, support, and staffing services. Streamline your operations and stay ahead of the competition.

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Implementing DevOps is a challenge. But with our experts at your service, you will succeed.


Unlock the potential of DevOps with our experts by your side, ensuring success in every step of the journey


Transform your organization's operations with our expert-led DevOps solutions


Navigate through the complexities of DevOps seamlessly with our expert guidance


faster time-to-market with our expert-driven DevOps strategies, giving your business a competitive edge

Tools and Technologies We Use

Thanks to best practices and a set of tools, the methodology allows you to automate processes, make changes efficiently, speed up the delivery process and make it more reliable.

Cloud Providers

Amazon AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Any Private Cloud and other…

Containers & Orchestration

Docker, Compose, Kubernetes and other…


Jenkins, CitLab, GitHub, Teamcity, CircleCI, Travis CI and other…

Configuration management

Ansible, Chef, Puppet
and other...


Amazon AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Any Private Cloud and other…


Docker, Compose, Kubernetes and other…


Jenkins, CitLab, GitHub, Teamcity, CircleCI, Travis CI and other…

Infrastructure provisioning

Ansible, Chef, Puppet
and other...

DevOps Services

Accelerate your cloud operations and workloads by minimizing costs, increasing efficiency, and speeding up the release management cycle with our DevOps services. Realize better throughput, resilient systems, and a faster time to market. Dedicated teams from Yoctra provide DevOps consulting services that help your IT department accelerate the project and adopt DevOps best practices. Our DevOps services help drive an “Everything as Code” culture, creating harmony in cloud operations.

Benefits of Our DevOps Consulting

Improved productivity and efficiency

Businesses can focus on other high-value tasks by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows with our DevOps support service, thereby boosting overall productivity, performance, and efficiency.

Enhanced app quality and stability

Experience top-quality software with our continuous testing, issue resolution, and automated monitoring. Enjoy seamless performance and reliability.

Maximize service uptime

Our experts can help you minimize downtime and recover quickly from any issues with our 24/7 DevOps monitoring support service.

This stage helps determine the business value of the product and requirements. Required for tracking known issues and project management.
At this stage, software design and code creation are performed.
Creation and testing
At this stage, we manage the builds and versions of the software, as well as use automated tools.Testing aimed at optimal code quality will also be carried out.
Implementation and operation
Our team manages, coordinates, plans and automates production. We also carry out software management during operation.
Identification and collection of information about problems that arise during operation.

Attaining DevOps Success

Assessment and Planning

We design a DevOps assessment roadmap by visualizing the desired state and identifying traceable metrics.

Pilot Framework Creation

We use and integrate your existing tools alongside our robust ecosystem of open-source and licensed automation tools.

Process Implementation

We accelerate DevOps implementation by analyzing, designing, building, automating, and implementing in the identified areas.

CI/CD Pipeline

Our DevOps consultants bridge the DevOps gap through continuous development, continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment.

Why should you get our DevOps consulting services?

01. Continuous Delivery:

Excellent continuous delivery (CD) capabilities combined with automation are provided by our Algoworks DevOps service provider to increase your service efficiency.

02. Configuration Management:

We offer consistent deployment services for configuration management. It thus eliminates system configuration mismatches while optimizing cost.

03. Infrastructure As a Code:

Our DevOps consultant implements Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions with programmable automation.

04. Monitoring & Logging:

We utilize modern DevOps tools and technologies and adhere to best practices for efficient monitoring and logging processes.

Why do large enterprises choose Algoworks as the DevOps Consulting Company?

CI/CD Services

Faster Deployment

DevOps enables fast execution of development, testing, and release while integrating automated workflows with consulting services.

Improved Efficiency

Our top DevOps consultant can help enhance your business value by automating deployments and testing through DevOps services.

Smooth Operations

DevOps streamline your operations by identifying and removing unwanted processes. Thus, it speeds up the flow of value by positively impacting costs.

DevOps cloud services

Infrastructure as Code
Cloud Infrastructure Design
Cloud Migration
Cloud Cost Optimization

Kubernetes management

Kubernetes Cluster Management
Container management
WordPress in Kubernetes


Backup and Disaster Recovery
Performance Optimization
Security Hardening
Configuration management
Technical support services

Main problems of software development companies

Slow-pace development

Boost the efficiency of your teams by automating most deployment challenges. We can make your deployments more reliable by introducing the practices of CI/CD, iterating in smaller sizes, and choosing the deployment strategy that works best for your application.

Cloud migration

Legacy projects, operational challenges, and high costs can make cloud migration seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be! Our experienced cloud architects will suggest the best-suited platform for your project and help your teams transition to the new stack.


Putting security at the end of the development pipeline may result in tricky debugging. Organizations may have to go back in their development cycles to fix a bug, which is time-intensive and costly. Save time and ensure early bug detection with DevSecOps – the practice of built-in security integrated during all stages of the software development lifecycle, end to end.

Outdated technology stack

Being technologically advanced means staying ahead of the competition, which is key. Reap the benefits of DevOps automation services, a faster development cycle, and seamless deployments using a state-of-the-art technology stack. Use the cutting-edge versions of tools and components and gain from the latest features available.

Devops Consulting

Driven by passion. Energized by commitment.

DevOps Implementation Methodology

As an end-to-end DevOps service provider, we take a collaborative approach to address the challenges faced by organizations. We also ensure our client’s success through Continuous Planning, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

Engagement Models

Yoctra provides flexible engagement models based on your business needs to assist you on your DevOps journey.

DevOps as a Service

A platform- and tools-agnostic offering with services available across various platforms (Dedicated, AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) using a diverse suite of DevOps platforms and tools. This is ideal for organizations that need infrastructure automation and CI/CD flows to implement.

DevOps Maintenance Plan

At Yoctra, we’re excited to collaborate with your team, offering our expertise in managing infrastructure automation and CI/CD configurations for seamless maintenance.