WordPress Website Development Service

Yoctra offers professional WordPress website development services. Customized, safe, and responsive WordPress websites can help you look better online.

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Tools and Technologies We Use

The approach enables you to automate procedures, make changes quickly, expedite the delivery process, and increase its dependability with the help of best practices and a suite of tools.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, React and other…




MySQL, Amazon AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Any Private Cloud and other…

Version Control


Cloud & DevOps

AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins and other…

WordPress Development Services We Provide

As a leading provider of WordPress development services, Evince Development can help you take advantage of these benefits to create a high-quality and effective website for your business.


We excel in custom WordPress website development, creating feature-packed, scalable, and secure websites tailored to the diverse needs of our clients. Our WordPress experts leverage their expertise to deliver professional and customized website solutions that stand out in the digital landscape.


Whether you need a contact form, social media integration, or anything else, our development team can make custom plugins that enhance your website's features and functionality. That is among our top offerings for website development!


Our team can assist in ensuring a seamless transition with the least amount of downtime and data loss if you wish to move your website from another platform to WordPress.

API Integration and Customization

By selecting API integration services, you can increase the design and development of your WordPress websites. Provide flexible integration for mobile apps and ensure smooth data synchronizations.


We can help you build a powerful and user-friendly eCommerce store using WordPress, with features like payment gateway integration, inventory management, and more.


Our designers and developers work together to create beautiful, responsive WordPress themes customized to your brand and business needs.WordPress Plugin Development Services


We provide comprehensive WordPress website maintenance services too, including website backups, security updates, and plugin management.


We offer enterprise-level WordPress solutions that are scalable, secure, and optimized for high traffic and complex business requirements.


We offer seamless PSD to WordPress conversion services, ensuring pixel-perfect design integration, responsive websites, and cross-browser compatibility.


Our WordPress development services include optimization for improved website speed, performance, and user experience.

Key Benefits of WordPress


WordPress is a very flexible platform with a wide range of themes and plugins that can be used to customize and enhance the functionality of a website. This makes it an ideal choice for various websites, including blogs and e-commerce stores.

SEO friendly

WordPress is designed with SEO in mind, making it easier for website owners to optimize their content for search engines. The platform has various built-in SEO features, and there are also many SEO plugins available to help improve website visibility in search engine results.

User friendly

WordPress is renowned for its user-friendly interface, allowing non-technical users to create and manage websites easily. The platform features a simple, intuitive dashboard with user-friendly content creation and customisation tools.


WordPress provides a secure platform with regular security updates, two-factor authentication, spam protection, and automatic backups. Additionally, there are many security plugins available to further enhance website security.

Mobile responsiveness

WordPress is designed to be responsive, meaning that websites created with the platform are optimized for viewing on a variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Community support

WordPress has a large and active community of developers and users. This community provides access to a wealth of resources and support. They assist in forums, guides, and documentation and contribute to the platform’s continuous development and enhancement.

WordPress Website Development Service

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Hire WordPress Developers remotely

Hire expert WordPress developers remotely with Yoctra’s premier services. Our AI-driven platform enables quick recruitment of top-tier developers, allowing you to expand your engineering team effortlessly.

WordPress Development: Difficulties And Solutions

The increasing popularity and widespread use of WordPress present challenges for businesses involved in website development and maintenance. Our company offers effective solutions to address these five common challenges.


Our developers optimize WordPress for speed by using caching, image optimization, and code optimization to improve user experience and SEO rankings.


WordPress offers built-in features, but businesses often need custom functionality. Our experienced developers provide custom solutions for WordPress, including plugin and theme development.


You can protect your WordPress site with our comprehensive security measures. Our team ensures secure hosting, regular updates, strong firewalls, and reliable malware scanners to safeguard your online presence.

Mobile responsiveness

More users access websites on mobile devices, making it essential to have a responsive, mobile-friendly site. Our designers and developers optimize WordPress sites for all devices.

Maintenance and updates

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your WordPress site running smoothly and securely. We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your site remains up-to-date and secure.

Why Choose Us for WordPress Website Development Service?

01. Expertise and Experience

Yoctra’s team consists of seasoned WordPress developers with years of experience in the industry. We have completed numerous projects, ranging from small business websites to complex e-commerce platforms. Our deep understanding of WordPress allows us to deliver high-quality, scalable, customised solutions tailored to your needs.

02. Custom Design and Development

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our approach centres on creating unique, visually appealing, and fully responsive designs that reflect your brand’s identity. We customise every aspect of your website to ensure it meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations, providing a seamless user experience across all devices.

03. SEO and Performance Optimization

A great website isn’t just about looks; it’s also about performance. Yoctra implements best practices for SEO and optimises your site for speed and performance, ensuring quick load times and better search engine rankings.

04. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We understand that launching your website is just the beginning. Yoctra stays committed by providing continuous support and maintenance to ensure your site remains secure, updated, and smoothly operational. We’ve got you covered, from troubleshooting to updates and new features.

05. Transparent Pricing and Timely Delivery

We offer transparent pricing without hidden fees and detailed proposals for full transparency. Our commitment to strict timelines ensures timely, quality website delivery, striving for a smooth and efficient development process.

Engagement Models

Explore Yoctra’s flexible engagement models for your WordPress website development needs with our customised collaboration for success.

Hourly Rate Model

Our charges are calculated based on the hours worked by our WordPress professionals. This pricing model is perfect for ongoing projects, maintenance tasks, or projects with changing requirements. It provides flexibility and allows clients to pay only for the time spent on their specific needs, making it a cost-effective solution for varying workloads.

Fixed Price Model

Perfect for projects with a clearly defined scope and requirements. This model ensures a set budget and timeline, providing predictability and cost control. It’s ideal for clients who want to avoid unexpected expenses and prefer a straightforward, contract-based approach.